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Court will assemble around the harvest festival. Registration begins now.

Alright enough with the fancy-speak. Basically, if you want to support DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE and have some fun while you're at it, consider joining the street team! It can be as casual or formal as you guys want it, but I definitely want to have you along with me for the journey. Debuting is scary--though ruling is probably scarier--and I could use a helping hand. So think of this relationship as less vassal-to-queen but more book-lover-to-book lover. As my way of saying thank you, all members of the imperial court will receive exclusive perks, including but not limited to:

  • Early and immediate access to DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE with a group read along & Q&A's and behind the scenes info. It's important to me that you all have a chance to read the book because I don't want anymore to feel obligated to promote it. If you don't like it, that is more than okay! Reading is subjective. No one should feel pressured, and if you read the book and decide to withdraw from the group, I completely understand.
  • Group-chats! Or calls, if I'm the only one who's phone-shy! The topics will depend on what YOU guys want. We can talk about books, or writing, depending on the ratio of readers-writers. I am a resource for you, so take advantage of it! 
  • Goodies!
  • VOTING on the goodies other people will get! Seriously, I will need your opinions on preorder incentives. Because *cough there might be character cards cough and I might need help deciding which characters to print cough*
  • Most importantly, friendship. What's better than finding people who love the same thing as you? 

Details are still being hammered out--and many will be by YOU--but if you're interested in joining the imperial court after reading all that, definitely sign up. I will be in contact soon!

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