By writing a lot of books. The journey was so long that I had to cover it in three newsletter issues. You can read them here: part 1, part II, and part III.

How did you get your agent?

Again, a really long story! I'll write about it in my newsletter closer to my book release, so make sure to subscribe

How did you get your book deal?

Where can I find your book?

Come April 9, 2019, you'll be able to find DESCENDANT OF THE CRANE in traditional brick-and-mortar book retailers such Barnes & Noble and online. For now, you can pre-order or add the book on Goodreads and stay up to date by subscribing to my newsletter.

Will there be a preorder campaign?

Yes, and everyone who preorders will receive swag! The exact goodies will be revealed closer to the release date, but you'll be receiving at least 3 items--not your average bookmarks--and they will be designed exclusively for the book. So take a second to fill out this form if you preorder!

I would start by requesting here.  My publisher manages most of the physical ARC distribution, and I will forward all requests to them. I will also be doing physical ARC giveaways on twitter, so keep an eye out! If you're OK with an e-ARC and can't get one through Netgalley or Edelweiss, don't hesitate to message me! I especially want to support POC teens, readers, and bloggers, so please ping me and I'll send you an e-ARC!

How can I get an Advance reader copy of your book?

I'm an Asian teen/reader. How do I get an ARC? 

Message me! Seriously, you guys are the ones I wrote this book for. I know it can be scary reaching out to an "author," but I'm super friendly and will gladly shove the e-book into your hands and hide while you read.